Thursday, May 12, 2011

Be Grateful!

It's been awhile since I blogged on this particular blog, mainly because I didn't feel anything strong enough to blog about.  But that has changed.  Today was an exciting day for me. 

For several years now, I've really, really, super, duper wanted a beach cruiser.  My new, but very good friend also was in the market for one.  After a few weeks of looking, we went into the bike shop today and purchased two gorgeous beach cruisers that we absolutely adore.  We returned to my house to unload them and started making room to store them.  While this was happening, I was struck with the realization that I am incredibly blessed.  I am proud to say that I highly value the people in my life and do not take them for granted.  Yes, I've had some bad people in my life, who are no longer a part of it, but the good ones make such a huge impact on my life.  I am lucky that I've had the chance to know and trust bad people, because it makes me appreciate my true family. 

Now back to the story of my day: While making room for the bike, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the fact that I have had the privilege to acquire so many wonderful "toys."  That's really what many of them are.  Yes I've made money off my photography equipment but other than that, I've had the wonderful blessing of either purchasing or receiving these items.  It's somewhat embarrassing to admit that I didn't fully realize the magnitude of this blessing sooner.  While people and pets are far more valuable than any material thing, I am so thankful for the chance to play and enjoy the world around me.

As my day turned to evening, I visited my dad for dinner.  We talked about his mother and uncle.  We  agreed that we couldn't have asked for more loving or kind family members.  For me and I know several of my other family members, they are heroes we strive to live up to.  My grandma passed away when I was 6.  Although I miss her and wish she had been able to live longer, I am grateful for the memories I have of her.  I am truly blessed to have known her at all.  So my advice today is to be grateful for what you have.  It could always be worse.  There is some one somewhere who would give anything to have your life.  People die everyday wishing to have the simple joy of being alive that you are so lucky to have.