Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching The Ever Elusive Dream Job

Catching the ever elusive dream job is a common struggle for many people of all ages. Sure, you have a job that pays for your lifestyle. Your steady income is vital to your survival after all. Perhaps you are not happy for those 40+ hours a week, but you've adapted to the misery. You've grown accustomed to your boss' tantrums or the monotonous tasks that you spend your days doing. Well it's time to STOP living your life this way! Give your life a meaning. You are the only person who can save yourself from this situation. So let's discuss how...

I believe for most people two factors are at work in holding them back. The first is a lack of a clear path. People are looking for some kind of guidance--a GPS of sorts, to guide their career path. Here's the thing: There isn't one. Don't panic! Stay with me. There never was one. You have to build your own road. You're not in school anymore, so it's best you know that there are no multiple choice questions with the answer simply given to you. You have to find the answer through trial and error. This may seem daunting but it's truly not so bad. In the November issue of "O The Oprah Magazine," I found several inspiring articles focusing on finding and executing your calling in life. Patti Smith suggests a profound idea which I would like to pass on. Now, here's what to do:

1. Get a pen and paper.
2. Sit down and be completely honest with yourself.
3. Write down any activity (regardless of how irrelevant it may seem) that has made you truly happy. Think back to your childhood as well and list those activities. They may be the most eye opening.

After you've completed the list. Contemplate how you can take one of these activities a step further towards a career. In this same article, Patti Smith warns that the next step may not be a completely logical one. If you listed reading, the logical career choice may be to become an editor. If you try this step and find you are dissappointed, go back to your list. Try to think of a less traditional step or look at your other activities. Do not get stuck at a job that is not fulfilling for you. It will not bring you happiness and life is far too short to waste your time on such a dead end.

The second factor that I believe holds people back is fear--more specifically, a fear of failure. This is a mental obstacle that you need to overcome. In her book, "What I Wish I knew When I Was 20," Tina Seelig advises that in business, do not view failures as an end to your goal, but rather as an obstacle that you must overcome. This is a marvelous and profound outlook! It simply means, learn from your failures and push onward. Do not give up on an idea you love. Only turn back to your list if you are not enjoying yourself. J.K. Rowling in an interview explains (paraphrasing) that through her struggles and most trying times in life, she learned the most. Without her failures would she have been able to write the Harry Potter series in their most powerful and successful form? Consider the struggling artist cliche. The artist creates beautiful art because he/she is inspired from the challenging life they lead. Failures are the trials that shape us. So do not let the fear of failure hold you back, embrace the lessons you will learn from failures and carry on.

Another thought I will share is this: you must do it. You will not regret the things that you DO, do but those that you don't. So be honest with yourself. Quell the excuses and take action. This is the most vital step. You will not find a fulfilling career if you do nothing.

One day we will all leave this earth. We cannot know when, but try to truly imagine if today was your day and you were faced with your Creator, what would you have to show him that you've done with your life? Atleast try to be the best you can be and offer your abilities to the human race. Remember, money is not the measure of success. When your day comes, you cannot bring money or material possessions with you.

"I came to believe that if you have a gift, you have an obligation to share it with others. It's as simple as that."-Andrea Bocelli

Do not let others discourage you or put doubt in your mind.
Do not be hindered by jealousy from others.
Prove the above individuals wrong.
Do not give up.
Surround yourself with positive and inventive people.
Be a positive and inventive person.
Do it!

~Miss Advisess

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